Success Stories
A state permitting clear perception and understanding; the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image.

Case Study – Patient 4 S.S.

Operation – Gastric banding (lapband)

In January 2006 I decided that enough was enough and went for a consultation with Mr Van den Bossche – I must say that it has changed my life.

I was 23 stone and in size 28 clothes, felt tired all the time and didn’t like to go out as I thought everyone would stare at me (for the wrong reasons) I was fed up with “should you be eating that” comments all the time, going to buy clothes was a nightmare not being able to find something nice that would fit. I was 39 and didn’t want to be fat and 40.

It was the best decision I have EVER made, I had tried every diet  under the sun and usually managed to lose 2 stone or more then put back on 3  – the weight was having an adverse effect on my health and I knew that if I carried on the way I was going it would seriously damage me. I always read about other slimmers saying “if I can do it anyone can” – that is the most aggravating comment.

I was 39 and didn’t want to be fat and 40.

After a great consultation with Mr Van den Bossche he decided a gastric band was the way forward for me, so in January 2006 I went into the Spire Southampton Hospital and after a one night stay started my new life. That is what Mr Van den Bossche has given me – my life back.

I loved the fact that each month my weight went down – it’s a gradual process and at first no-one really noticed, but after about 4 months people would comment on how well I was looking and asked if I’d been on holiday. The compliments increased and as the weight loss became more noticeable I started to get more confidence. It has been 4 years since the procedure now and I work in a different job, so mix with people who don’t know I had ever had a weight problem. When I tell people I was 11 stone heavier then now they look at me with disbelief. I show people my photos and they really cant believe it. When I bump into people I haven’t seen for a few years they walk straight past me!

I wanted to thank Mr Van den Bossche – he is my saviour – and without him I would never be in this position.  I love my new life – and my husband loves his new wife (he sayst he doesn’t like all the second glances I get, but I do, as it’s for the right reasons now).

I won’t say “if I can do it anyone can” – just go and see Mr Van den Bossche he will show you that it is possible.

Mr Van den Bossche asked me to write all the pro’s and con’s to having a gastric band for people who are contemplating weight loss surgery. There are millions of pros: being able to walk up the stairs without that second thought; slipping into size 12 trousers and feeling good in them; having more energy than when I was 20; the list goes on and on – and I’ve sat here for ages thinking about the cons, and the only two I could think of were: new clothes every month; and you can’t eat a big meal – but as you never feel hungry that’s not so bad is it!

I won’t say “if I can do it anyone can” – just go and see Mr Van den Bossche he will show you that it is possible.

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